19 July, 2011

Stores in Angers down town are in vacancy, and not for holidays.

Is the phemenon linked to the summer holidays, synonymous of weaker business or is it the consequence of the general economic evolution? It is nevertheless obvious : in some of the most buoyant streets of Angers, stores are closed, and not for holidays. Small restaurants, garments stores or internet shops shut their doors and are looking for new owners or tenants.

Since months, real estate agencies warn many flats in Angers down town are empty. The tenants are gone and nobody came because, according to their testimonies, this part of the town is less and less accessible to cars, or for mothers with young children and baby carriages, or according to some shop owners more and more endangered by deliquancy. In fact, the trolley line has already started to redesign the scale of the prices. A former store of automobile spareparts located Moliere square now beleguared by trolley is no more fitted for that kind of business. A restaurant specialized in foreign gastronomy in Saint-Aubin street has vanished in less than two years. What will come next and when?

The sensation of escheated properties could be amplified by the scarcity of students in Angers in that period of the year, and students are important customers (even if they are noisy). The habits of Angers customers may have changed too. In spite of the reduction of the worked hours, numerous have less time for shopping, and of course less money...

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