21 July, 2011

With the future high speed line Rennes-Paris, Angers could stay on the platform...

If the construction of a high speed line between Rennes and Paris may have some advantage for Angers, it is, nevertheless, a sad news for that city. In fact, with the current line, Angers was closer to Paris than Rennes. The distance from Angers to Paris (264 km) was run in 90 mn and the distance between Rennes and Paris (307 km) was run, with the current line, in 120 mn.

But, thanks to a new hig speed line between Rennes and Paris, which will be implementend on 2016, the travel time would not exceed - at 320 km per hour - one hour and a half. That's good for Rennes but Angers is now overcome by the Britanny city in the map of France according to time travel. And from Paris, Rennes will be connected to European capitals.

Credit Wiki : the red line has no official existence
Angers will now foot the bill of the foolish refusal Anjou local representatives opposed to a project of the Sncf to build a high speed line between Angers and Paris. But this is not the only bad news. Nantes, currently linked to Paris through Angers, could ask a high speed line allowing it to go to Paris at 320 km per hour through Rennes instead of... Angers. The irony of the story is the people of Angers who will not benefit of the improvement of the future high speed line will nevertheless pay for it. Fifteen years ago, some of them rejected Sncf's proposal to pay (partially) a line dedicated entirely to the shortening of travel time between their city and Paris. Now they will not have the line, only the cost of it!

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