29 July, 2011

Two English Angers antiquities on NTIC

Few by few, Angers city aims its communication toward English speaking people visiting the town and on the most up-to-date tools : smartphones and touchpads. Having devised an "app" on Angers monuments along the trolley line, the Educational Service Town of Art and History has decided to translate two of them in English. One describes the Saint-John Hospital.

Credit Angers city
Is it a deliberate choice? It would be judicious becase the Saint-John hospital was erected by a king of... England, Henry Ii Plantagenet, at the end of the XIIth century. While he was born in Le Mans, he was designated as king of England after the death of Etienne of England in 1153. And he spoke several languages. The Saint-John hospital architecture, almost its front side, evokes an English atmosphere, with the garden perfectly pruned and the its lawn.

The Barrault Housing, the second Angers momument whose description has been translated in English - by Jonathan Lloyd, head of English at Essca - has links with English civilization in its religious aspects. The famous Edit de Nantes, granting freedom of faith to protestant, was written in that momnument in march and april 1598. Its revocation, in 1685, lead to the emigration of numerous Huguenots toward England and its American colonies.

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