25 July, 2011

People sometimes queue up at Angers public toilets

Among the urban furnitures set up in Angers under JCDecaux brand, one of the most useful, and nervertheless, one of the most jeered, are the public urinals. Several are installed in Angers, at Imbach or Saint-Serge squares. These modern equipments respect an equality between men and women the antic greee public urinoirs set up on the public domain maybe didn't. 

Credit : JCDecaux (San-Francisco)
But in Angers city, is their number - about thirty, some free, others charged - sufficient? It's not sure, because on non working day, when most of the restaurants and cafés are closed in the city, the pedestrians can only piss against a wall, tree or between two cars. So those devices could be a little bit numerous in crowdy places like open air markets or pedestrian streets.

If they appear on a map in the city website, are they indicated on appropriate signs in the streets of Angers like the public buildings or the monuments are. Of course they are not monuments but they are sometimes very useful and it's not unusual to see people queue up when it's time to go...

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