12 July, 2011

The "knights" of the pizzas

They are now so much part of the urban landscape of Angers that nobody notice them. They drive all across the city, from the end of the afternoon to the middle of the night like if an important mission had to be fullfilled. All drive the same iron horses, in an armor of leather with an helmet. They tear themselves from traffic lights in screeching tires and coughing blue smoke. For assaulting their foe : time. This is the art of fast pizza deliveries and, like knights of the middle age in tournaments, these modern knights wear a battle flag.

Pizza Tempo, Speed Rabbit Pizza, Domino's Pizza or Pizza Hut are the coat of arms of these faithful servants of the symbolic meal of our time : pizza. Even the word "pizza" evokes the humming of the bees endlessly working around the beehive. And that's what they do : going and coming bach in every direction because of orders collected from customers like pollen from flowers.

But the bloom of pizza's orders lasts all year long. Whatever be the weather the pizzas' starved court wants its meal as soon as its order has been given. The ballet of the knights riding scooters never ends. Most of the customers are unaware of the risks these servant run sometimes, endangering their own life adding the pizza the "spices" their lords love above all.

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