10 July, 2011

The Angers tram line stimulates... needs of calmness and intimacy

When shop owners can't find a visible place along the tram line in Angers down town, they sometimes settle for a location in the rear of a building where the distance from main street becomes an advantage. That's the case with "Le Boudoir" café to which one reach through the porch of an ancient town house. There, the silence contrasts with the traffic of Alsace street nearby.

It's possible the opening of the café is very recent because the place gets its attractiveness both from the setting out of "Le Boudoir" which created an open air bar arranged with iron seats of agriculture tractors and from the calmness of that back courtyard whose charm could be enhanced by the layout of flowers and plants. Nevertheless, the inside café has a very discreet atmosphere which looks appropriate by women having just had a drink there ( The word "boudoir" was formerly dedicated to intimate female chatters).

The way leading to "Le Boudoir" has its style by itself. The high and washed out walls surround a narrow way and open, on the left side to a little bit majestic entrance of the town house whose stuccos and niches make a smooth transition for visitors wishing to get a little break from urban activity.

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