11 July, 2011

The Maine Lake, like a mirror of Angers inhabitants' care for their health

The Maine Lake is surely one of the most popular locations of Angers inhabitants, particularly when days are longer and milder. Of course, the main attraction is the lake itself which, surrounded by trees and lawns, looks like a giant mirror under the sky. But, if the lake is an invitation for swimming and sailing, a lot of people are may be less attracted by the lake than by what's going on round the lake...

Pedestrians, runners, bikers, riders, males, females, youngs, adults, seniors, single or in groups, some with dogs, do the tour of the lake. The absence of relief creates a kind of challenges between the people in search of physical exercise. Some runners try to follow the pace of the most winged without looking the sight outside the round of the lake : fishermen and kayakers on the Maine river.

Angers inhabitants, as well as many French, look to have been sensitized to the interest of sport. Others are only there for the pleasure of a promenade in a natural space. For these who walk quietly, a fun wonder is to smell the air after being overcome by sportsmen who drag scents of laundry soap. Only the loneless sailer becalmed in his tiny skiff in the center of the lake doesn't realize all this agitation on the shores. The mirror doesn't reflect what's is around it.

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