09 July, 2011

The mayor of Angers Antonini stands by Angers Loire Valley

Credit picture : www.angers.fr
A rcent chat between Angers inhabitants and their mayor Jean-Claude Antonini gave to one of those the opportunity to severely criticize the new brand Angers Loire Métropole made toward Angers Loire Valley. According to that internet user, the new brand is "absurd" and reveals more a try bo be "trendy" than a true opportunity for the city to widen its audience.

The answer of Mr Antonini reflects only the fact : "Actually, the only international language is English. One can deplore that, one can be happy with that, but it's a fact, all over the world, English is gabbled and snippets of English are understood". The problem for the city is it can't be located on a map while Angers is part of a place famous all over the world. So the goal of the new brand is : may be Angers can take advantage of the fame of the Loire province?

But that internet user, rather than criticize the communication policy of Angers, could have a look about the ads, the shop signs, the garnments the people wear. That intervention on the mayor chat was very typical of a contradictory French feature : this country is at the same time fascinated and worried by the expansion of English in daily life.

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