03 July, 2011

The annual Angers discount day, still very popular

A nice weather, the beginning of summer holidays and the annual street market lead the inhabitants of Angers and its surroudings to walk around down town in order to dig out the good deal. Hundreds of stalls displayed garnments, shoes, electronic and hifi devices, kitchen accessories, perfumes and cheap jewelry in crowded streets. The Ralliement square had just enough space to host open air stores and café terraces while the trams were due to slow down in order to let the pedestrians cross the tracks.  
In spite of the good conditions of the city discount day, the business is still difficult. Shopkeepers had to convince the potential purchasers to buy something and it is clear that the number of onlookers is much more larger than the number of customers. These one were clearly attracted by lower quality goods whic, during that day, could have made difficult the business of regular stores.

 But it is obvious these kind of events are yet very popular in Angers. If the prices were attractive, the environment, quite unusual of the market, attracted many people eager to the the core of the city, once and for all (?), rid of the transportation works aiming at giving to the city the mood of a renewed town.

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