01 August, 2011

The Guillaume Bodinier's double resurrection

Angers inhabitants, during 2011, have the opportunity to rediscover some of the points of interest of their beloved town. After the three years of works paralyzed, and disfigured, the streets in down down, a double ressurrection is on way with Guillaume Bodinier, the painter... and the eponymous street.

Angers Fine Arts Museau
An exhibition at the Angers Museum of Fine Arts presents till the end of september 200 pieces of the artist, mainly studies of landscapes and personnages. If some of the works of Bodinier are visible all over the year at the city museum, it's nevertheless, almost for a long period, the first time this artists gets an entire exhibition. A portrait of a young Italian girl with a grim look standing near a fountain, looks to reproach to Angers inhabitants their lack of interest during all those years. But this resurrection of Bodinier is not the only one.

The eponymous street in downtown has been completely redevelopped from the Louis de Romain square, with its fountain and its restaurants terraces, till it crosses the trolley line on Roe street. The pavements have been enlarged and the way embellished with iron gates and large flowerpots. Restaurants and cafés made the most of it, setting up tables and large sunshades in the vicinity of a town house whose the luxuriance of the garden spalshes ont the street and attracts the sight of pedestrians. Other stores are enlarging or completely refurbishing their design. Like the painter, the street exhibits its assets.

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