01 November, 2010

A young inhabitant promote Angers on You Tube and Facebook

Born from a taiwainese father and a laotian mother, Delphine is a pure product of ... Angers : native from that city and proud to be part of it. Its interest for Angers lead her to conceive and record, with the help of a friend, a serie of video sequences broadcasted on Facebook which generate an affluence of internauts. According to an article of Maville published in october 29th, the website of Ouest France, the sequences were viewed a 3 000 times and 1 200 persons recorded themselves on Facebook as friend of Delphine who makes discover, with passion, her city.

Seven episodes yet are visible on You Tube like Delphine at the photo booth, at Ouest-France editorial office in Angers, at the open air market, at the streetcar hall, on the Maine river and so.

Living and dynamic sequences introduce Angers and some of its inhabitants on a mood sometimes... original. The comment are direct and use familiar terms while mentionning some useful figures. The whole looks too to Delphine, alert woman of about 20, with sense of humour studying in Belle-Beille, whom fingernails are red and the hairs blow in the wind. So, as each sequence concludes, "to be continued".

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