15 November, 2010

"Fit-up", an additional garments store in Angers

"Fit up" is the registered company name of a new garments store open since mid-october in Aiguillerie street, in the inner city of Angers. The word means in French : "it's exactly what you need". The store is selling suits and shirts made-to-measure.
Fit-up, in Aiguillerie Street, Angers
With "Fit-up", the stores in Angers are a little more anglicized (a few days ago, another store "Loading" opened in Sainte-Croix square), and apparently, the owners of these places, not only do not fear the difficulty of Angers consumers for understanding english words but are confident in the power of English vocabulary to attract new visitors.

More generally, that may also illustrate the attraction the Wasp (White anglo-saxon protestant) world has on Angers, as well as France, people. Up to now, that attraction doesn't go beyond the words and the way of life. French still express a distrust regarding the economic values of Usa or Uk and even a contempt toward the knowledge of English language and - almost - Us or Uk food (while they eat at Mc Donald's, Quick or Subway). But, could the next path for these stores consist in hiring English speaking employees or employees speaking French with an English accent?

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