05 November, 2010

Blake and the mother

The works of british draughtsman will soon decorate the hall of the new maternity hospital in the CHU of Angers. The drawings of this artist, Quentin Blake, 78, who lives in London, are already exhibited in others hospital and, among them, the Trousseau hospital (Paris).

Quentin Blake works since a year to this project. About fifty works in large size will be posted on the front side of the maternity and, later, will be set in all the hall of the building even in those dedicated to the deliveries or the wake up rooms. His pictures consist in blue forms drawn with blue ink stood out from watercours. They show on a poetic mood the moment of the delivery in order to make the parturient more comfortable.

The british artist, who confess, he is not a husband nor a father, had illustrated more than 250 books and, among them, the famous Charlie and the chocolate factory, received several prizes. The initiative of this exhibition was sponsorized by multinational companies like Danone and Nestlé as well as public institutions like Mécène et Loire and the city of Angers. An exhibition of the Blake's drawings could be hosted next year in the Toussaint Library.

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