23 November, 2010

The Beatles through the Rabeats, soon in Angers

The public of Angers will have the opportunity to breathe again the atmosphere of the sixties. "The beatles" will ressucitate on november 27th in the Angers Theater with the performance of "The rabeats", four French musicians all fans of the famous british band. This interest for a symbol of England is not the only mark of a kind of "Englishmania" in Angers.

Products reflecting the country of the Beatles were yet in vogue in Angers : umbrellas, flags, men's haircut, stores in down tow and, very soo,, the projection of the last "Harry Potter". The show on the Beatles is also an opportunity to be in touch with a period of strong economic growth which is, nowadays, no more than a distant souvenir for the elders and a period definitly belonging to history for the youngests.

The originality of the evening performance of the Rabeats is a French Band wil sing for a French public, in an Angers theater... in English! So "Come together"!

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