03 November, 2010

The incomprehensible lifelessness of Angers on sundays and legal days

In many stores, supermarkets or restaurants of Angers which open on the weekends, or during short holidays like those of mid autumn, it is frequently difficult to be served in short times. In some places, the majority of the cash desks are closed so the clients have to queue; in others, when several customers want to lunch together, they can't do so because the meals are served one after the other because there is no enough staff...

Such circumstances are difficult to understand because, at the same time, there are a lot of customers available and eager to consume and a lot of the numerous students Angers counts who would be happy to work during the weekends to get money (without even mentionning the fact that many shops are closed on sundays what makes the city quite sad and the economic situation would deserve more freedom for the people to work if they want to).

Many foreign students living in Angers for short periods are astonished in front of the difference of the city during the week (alive and young) and on sundays and legal holidays (empty and even gloomy). During the last All Soul's Day, some stores were opened in down town and consumers were in at the end of the day. They looked like "candles in the night".

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