09 November, 2010

The two female traffic wardens will not be prosecuted

After several weeks of study by the prosecutor of the republic, the two female traffic wardens accused of no assistance to an endangered person, who collapsed after she and a husband were ordered to leave at once the place where they parked their car, have finaly been considered not guilty. The justice pointed out that the firebrigade was already warned by a pedestrian who watched the scene and noticed the husband of the victim was a former doctor and able to give assistance to his wife.

The emotion created by this case - emotion criticized sometimes with crual words by some readers of the local medias - was due to the fact the two representatives of the city left the scene of this drama (where a person is dead) suppressing, in that way, for a couple of elder citizens in despair, the possibility of an immediate and greater assistance of the city.

The behaviour ot the traffic wardens, and the comments heard at the moment of the incident (were the "we are not responsible of that" appropriate while the lady was already laying on the pavement?) is at the core of the surprise and, for someone, the bitterness after this demonstration of indifference. If the women were not guilty, nor responsible of the death of an elder person coming back from holidays, the function they represent was nevertheless concerned by this case. If officials do not give assistance, who is going to do it?

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