10 November, 2010

The main reconquest of the Maine

It's a huge board set in the hall of the Saint-Laud railway station. Untitled "Banks of Maine, new watersides", the panel covers all the wall of the commercial gallery of the station and, because ot its dimensions, is impossible to be seen within the hall. The work can only be viewed from outside what is a pity because the landscape is quite attractive. How can the passer-by be opposed to such a scheme the city want obviously to promote (the architects competition has been already been launched)?

The ugly motorway has vanished to the advantage of large ways with lawns, flowers and trees. Between the buildings (presently polluted by the exhaust fumes and closed because the noise of the traffic) and the river, the project has created walk for pedestrians and bikes. Then, the watersides plunge in the Maine. The colors of the river have changed. From black and grey, they are now green and blue. On the right bank of the Maine, the cobbled embankment has also disappeared restoring a natural cohesion with the high plane-trees of the La Rochefoucauld square.

Thanks to the reconquest of its banks, the city of Angers will not be ruined anymore but reunified by and around the river (which was formerly a way of communications). But, an element is missing on the board. An element forgotten a long time ago by the inhabitants of Angers. An element which nertheless symbolizes nature and life : the babling of the water. The Maine will again talk to the city.

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