16 November, 2010

The raise of the local taxes is "on the tracks" in Angers city

A debate in the Council of the mayors of Angers Loire Metropole (Alm) on november 10th regarding the amount of an expense for the inauguration of the first trolley line revealed the change in the financial situation for that authority. Alm is looking for 25 millions € in 2011. Ten millions are due to the trolley line, 8 millions for building new housing and 7 millions because Alm increased illegaly the rate of the local business taxe, and was, for that, sentenced by the justice.

The expense (400 000 €) was publicly criticized by a part of the mayors. But, on the other hand, few spoke about the project of Alm to raise local taxes by 10% in order to fill the hole in times of harsh economic conditions for the inhabitants. The problem was pointed out by all the Angers medias.

The receipts of the local authorities in Angers (and everywhere) are decreasing because of the crisis appeared three years ago. So the logic would consist in downsizing the expenses and, above all, not creating a new one. The idea of such a budget regarding an equipment (which cost has already inflated) was a mistake. The mayor of Angers worsened it saying the city of Grenoble had expended 700 000 € for the inauguration of the third line of his trolley. But can we correct a mistake by doing another one?

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