02 November, 2010

New stores with english sounding names will operate soon in Angers down town

"Green is better", "City Bike" and "Eatalie" are the names or the catch-phrases new stores choose for their next opening in Angers down town. "Green is better" is the slogan of a new vegetables restaurant which will take place in Botanique street up from mid november.

Not far, and up from november 2nd, "City Bikes" will welcome bikers who need a quick repair. Moreover, the store will rent electric bikes. These will be necessary to climb the Roe street where, apparently, no way for cycles has beee planned. "Eatalie" is (truly) an italian restaurant located on the place of the former "Kfé du jour", Bodinier street.

These businesses which clearly refer to english language join others recently ("Loding", Sainte-Croix square) or soon ("My favourite place", L'Espine street) operated in down town. It is in the owners'best interest to warn consumers, on their front doors, that "Here, french spoken" and "euro accepted".


  1. hi just stumbled upon your blog. just wanted to say hello. i live in angers, host a jazz radio show and other stuff.

  2. Thank you Mr Singh, I've just seen your comment now. Best regards. Ed