19 November, 2010

The garden of the mall in works

The path of the ponies without trees

The garden of the mall was is works on november 18th. On its low part, near the Marechal Leclerc square, the trees which have saw generations of children riding ponies were brought down. Two trenches are opened and workers are burying pipes. From the Resistance and Deportation boulevard, the garden looks like a person who should have lost his hair.

A few years ago, a lot of trees in the back of the garden have been removed (because of disease) and were replaced by younger species planted in straight rows. On the website of the city of Angers, nothing is said about such transformation. So it is not impossible that a regeneration is implemented once again.

The garden of the mall finds its origin from a game the "Jeu de Mail" who was played there till the  XVIIth century. A fountain within a large pond are the point where paths are converging. In 1859, the garden is redesigned "à la Française". Today, its straps of greeness ans beds of flowers are a place which cannot be ignored for inhabitants and tourists.

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