29 November, 2010

17th exhibition of wines and gastronomy : the products are traditional and the marketing too...

Craftmen specialized in food and wines coming from many French provinces were gathered at the exhibitions center of Angers on the last weekend of november. The wines stay highly visible in the rows of the exhibitors : Bourgogne, Bordeaux but also products from Cahors as well as Languedoc. But some producers try to innovate with, for example, a chocolate wine whose color is dark brown. Regarding the food, most known French specialities were there - cheeses, cooked meats, cakes, spices - but also jam and provincial pastries which break new grounds...

But the organization of the fair stays critically classic. No music (as in all superstores of that size), no event giving vitality to the exhibition, no speaker dedicated to attract people eager to buy products of the highest quality (even if they aren't cheap). Curiously, while in France, the gastronomy is erected to an art and is famous all over the world, the place dedicated for tasting the products is put aside whole it should be at the center of the fair!

The tickets give only the right to visit the exhibition. Would it be possible to by entrances which could allow to taste samples of a range of products? If the tradition is valuable for wine or sausages, it's not the same for the way to sell them. And in this field of activity, a lot of improvement remains to be achieved.

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