24 November, 2010

Angers Loire Metropole is preparing a tax increase to fill the deficit 2011

For the public authorities in France, when money is scarce there is only a way : to increase taxes. In the 2011 budget of Angers Loire Metropole, the expenses will be more important than the revenues : the difference is 25 millions €, so the tax payer will have to foot the bill and to reduce his own expenses. So why Angers Metropole doesn't do the same in order to equalize its expenses and its revenues?

On the 25 millions € needed, 7 millions come from an illegal increase of a local business tax decided a few years ago by Angers Loire Metropole which has to refund to the companies during several years to come (The overall debt in this chapter could represent till 40 millions €!). And 10 millions are due to the trolley line whose costs have derailed.

In order to fill the gap, Angers Loire Metropole will have to increase the property tax, the council tax paid by Angers households. But this will not be sufficient. The local authority will have to limit its operation expenses and its investments. In times of budgetary difficulties, the cancellation of the ceremonies planned for the trolley inauguration will be a good message. "Charity begins at home".

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