18 November, 2010

Speed controls with fixed and mobile radars are reinforced in Angers

As the revenues of the French state are decreasing, the administration is seeking new ways to collect money. One of them is the speed controls. In Angers, one of the first radars (on the motorway after the castle of the King of Poland) has just been removed and replaced by a new one but others are planned in Angers. For example, a radar near a traffic light is in use at the bottom of Pasteur avenue since a few weeks and an another one is planned at a few hundreds meters further on Victor Chatenay avenue.

Every week the local press publish the places were mobile radars are going to spot the drivers in a hurry. And policemen are waiting at strategic points the cars which are going to ignore the traffic lights. If the dangerous ways of driving must be punished, the method used by the French state is sometimes ambiguous. If there is nothing to say regarding the radars which are pointed out by a board ("Caution, speed controls for your safety") because they compel the drivers to slow, it's different with the mobile radars installed, with the police officers, behind a tree, as it is the case on La Romanerie boulevard whic have not effect on the speed, "only" on the wallet...

The car manufacturers should provide their new models with a sound alarm. The drivers would not have no choice but to slow and the state would be compell to slow its expenses. (Credit picture : radars-auto)

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