04 November, 2010

The pedestrians of Angers deserve better ways for moving

Town hall which promotes walk as a mode of displacement throughout Angers for years should reconsider carefully the condition of the pavements. Many of them, in spite of the fact they have not been affected by the works of the street car, should be entirely resurfaced.

Over the years, their surfaces are just a patchwork of tars, cobblestones, concrete, rocks, soil often dented by the roots of the trees, when they are not obstructed by garbage cans, cars parked outside the spaces dedicated, or made dirty by the shit of dogs...

But this is not the worse. Sometimes the pavements are absolutely impassable because they are too sloping and/or lower than the street. At times, in the zone of construction of the trolley line, they disappear entirely then reappears according a new trail with, all along, pipes, sacks of cement, fences displaced or turned upside down.

Initiatives of town hall regarding the promotion of cycling in Angers are not always happy. The ways for cycles and pedestrians are frequently arranged side by side what can be dangerous for the lasts.
These are the conditions of displacement for no disabled persons or people familiar to the city. How can the blinds, disabled persons or simply seniors to move throughout Angers?

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