25 November, 2010

The real estate activity is coming back in Angers

According to the professionnals of real estate, the young households came back in the market. They are looking for housing in town for their first purchase while, up to now, they bought their first home in the countryside. This is a change of 2009, compared to the trend of the previous years.

If Maine et Loire is still one of the 97 administrative divisions where accession to property is the highest, the professionnal notice that the indebtedness of the purchasers is increasing. Almost 90% of the price of a home is borrowed to banks. The medium price of a house in maine et Loire ranges to 160 000 € in 2009 (it was 100 000 € ten years before). And the new homes are cheaper than the existing homes.

In Angers, the building sector is slowly recovering : the new projects are concentrated in that area. These trends are due to the demography and to the divorces which make necessary to build two homes for one family. One of the stakes of the next century is to limit the consumption of natural spaces. Till now, in spite of the efforts of the public authorities, the urban  sprawling is going on.

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