15 April, 2014

The town councillors duly act of "difficult times" through their allocations and the city finances

A l'exception de quelques petites remarques faites par la nouvelle opposition, le deuxième conseil municipal de la mandature s'est déroulée de manière plutôt apaisée, contrastant en cela, avec les dernières journées de la campagne électorale. L'assemblée a voté une baisse de 5% des indemnités de fonctions de ses membres par rapport à celles versées à la précédente assemblée, rigueur des temps oblige, et nommé tous ses représentants. Mais d'autres sujets plus politiques sont attendus, tels la concertation sur les rythmes scolaires et l'audit sur les finances de la ville. Les débats pourraient devenir moins consensuels.

Christophe Béchu
After an intense, and sometimes tough, electoral campaign, the second session of the city council, on April 14th, took place without arguments between the new majority and minority. A fortnight after the political swing from left to right, the topics due to be discussed that day had no political content, except the allocations the members of the assembly will receive during the term (6 years). The town councillors decided that their office allocations will be lowered by 5% compared with those the city council members got during the previous term. "In difficult times, we have to make efforts", stated the mayor, Christophe Béchu.

Michelle Moreau
The allocation he will personaly receive has been set at 2 756 euros (gross) per month. If such an anmount is twice less important than Frédéric Béatse's allocation, the decrease is due to the rules limitating the holding of multiple offices and the allocations allocation (Mr. Béchu, as senator, already receives 7 100 euros). The mayor also stated that his cabinet will be constituted by five persons.

The first deputy mayor, Michelle Moreau, will receive the same amount (2 756 euros) while the others 20 deputy mayors will get 2 000 euros, the 21 delegate town councillors 700 euros and the simple town councillors (i.e. members of the minority) 285 euros. The total amount of the offices allocations paid to all the town councillors are by 25% below the upper limit set by the law for an assembly of 55 persons (they were 59 until march 2014).

Gilles Mahé
A new article will be included in the rules of the Angers city council making that the office allocations will be linked to the assiduousness. A little sparring took place between the mayor and Gilles Mahé, town councillor (and former deputy mayor) about the statements of assets "Mine is already published since February", answered Christophe Béchu who added that his deputy mayor will have to month to do the same.

Luc Belot
After the mayor invited the city council to appoint its delegates in dozens of authorities connected to the Angers town hall, that one also announced that two more political issues will be on the agenda of the next session planned on May 26th : the audit about the finances of Angers city and another one about the scholar rythms. About the scholar rythms, the assembly decided that a consultation would be launched to families, teachers and associations what led Luc Belot, former deputy mayor and now town councillor, to remind that "such a work had already been implemented". But the mayor pointed out that an internet site would be opened to collect the opinions of people.

Regarding the financial audit, it will tackle the operating expenses of the city, the investments, the debt and the room for manoeuvre. "We wish that the purchaser of the survey will work on speficifications instead of accusations", warned for the minority, Anthony Taillefait. So the next meetings could be more strained...

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