13 April, 2014

The boring atmosphere of Angers on Sundays pointed out in the news

Le Courrier de l'Ouest a publié dans son édition dominicale un article dans lequel il liste un certain nombre d'activités culturelles auxquelles ses lecteurs peuvent prendre intérêt : musées, expositions, concerts, théâtre. Mais la partie la plus intéressante de l'article, voire même la plus intriguante, est son titre : "Angers quoi faire pour ne pas s'ennuyer le dimanche". Le quotidien écrit noir sur blanc que la ville est propice à l'ennui le 7ème jour. Le constat n'avait jamais été admis par la précédente municipalité. La nouvelle verra-t-elle les choses sous un autre angle?

The daily Le Courrier de l'Ouest published on its weekend issue an article telling to its readers what was possible to see in Angers and around on Sunday.  Museum, concert, exhibition and theatre were some of the possible activities available for families within the city and beyond. But, the content of the article is maybe not its most interesting part. What is intriguing is... the title : "Angers, what to do in order not to get bored that Sunday".

The newspaper admits that on Sunday, the day the (former) Angers representatives wanted as a period dedicated by the inhabitants to their families instead of going for shoppping, can be for them a boring moment. Of course, some cultural leisures are possible but all of them are charged (the prices of the activities spotted by the Courrier range from 4 to 10 euros per person, more the costs of the gas needed to go to the places those events are located). The title may also suggest that without those events, Angers is a boring city on Sunday and for people, the risk to get bored all day long may come from the fact they will not attend or take part to the events listed by the daily.

But, why Angers should be a boring place on Sunday and would be a lively place during the other days? The big difference comes of course of the closure of the stores and if there is nothing to see or to buy, is it worth to go to down town? The atmosphere of the city centre is rather sad when all the front windows are not lighted, when the store doors are shut and the shop owners and customers away. It could be up to the new municipal team to stimulate hustle and bustle, as well as business, in the core of the city which desperately need both of them.

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