26 April, 2014

Christophe Béchu "decision-timer" of Angers Loire Métropole board

Christophe Béchu, maître du temps de décision au conseil d'Angers Loire Métropole. - La première session du nouveau conseil communautaire d'Angers Loire Métropole a été l'occasion d'un discrète mais réelle critique de son président, Christophe Béchu, à propos du mode de décision dans cette instance. Alors qu'il était le seul candidat à la présidence, il n'a pas fallu moins de plusieurs dizaines de minutes au conseil communautaire pour mener à bien, certes dans les règles, une élection pourtant sans surprise. 

Credit Pictures : Angers Loire Métropole
The first session of the new Angers Loire Métropole board whose members have been recently elected as mayors or deputy mayors has given to its new president, Christophe Béchu, the opportunity of a rant about the time necessary to vote a decision. The decision regarding the choice of a president, the first the Alm board had to make, was an important one for political and institutional reasons. But, it was rather easy and without surprise given only Mr. Béchu was the only candidate. So, the worry of efficiency would have legitimated a simple vote by show of hands.

But... it's not what the regulations order. So after a speech of Marc Goua, Trélazé mayor and elder of the members, it was necessary to designate a secretary and two scrutineers, then to give time to the voters to write on a bulletin their choice, then to collect the bulletins, then to count the votes and finally to annouce the result.... Dozens of minutes were necessary to fulfill those formalities in spite of a total absence of suspense. Maybe a third of the time of the meeting has been dedicated and, what has been implicitely suggested by Mr. Béchu, wasted in terms of time and... money. Are such rules useful when there is only on candidate to the office?

In his final speech after his election, the new decision-maker let be understood that, for efficiency and common sense, such formalities would have to be reconsidered or, at least, avoided. From now on, a permanent committee gathering all Angers Loire Métropole mayors will make all the ordinary decisions before the sessions of the board. That is wise and indicates that in very numerous fields and institutions, savings are possible as well as necessary and will give resources to the most important task, and even challenge of the Alm board term : the economic development.

Charity begins at home.

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