17 April, 2014

Mca Finance, the blue chip Angers portfolio management company, once again rewarded

 La société angevine de gestion de portefeuille Mca Finance vient d'être récompensée par Thomson Reuters, groupe mondial d'information professionnelle, financière et juridique, pour sa gestion de fonds. Il y a quelque mois, cet opérateur angevin agréé par l'Autorité des marchés financiers avait été récompensé par un autre groupe de presse d'actualité économique et financière, l'Agefi.

McaFinance, the Angers porfolio management company, has been rewarded for its three years management of a funds called "Pbl growth" in the Lipper Fund Award 2014, granted by the rating agency Thomson Reuters. That is the second aknowledgment Mca Finances receives in a few months. In November 2013, that little and independant company located on Paul Bert street and created in 1987, had already got a recognition by the Agefi, the French economic and financial news group, for its management of another funds, Mca Gestoblig, on a three years period.

Managed by Patrick Creuzé, Catherine Dagorn and Michel Berson, Mca Finance, holder of an authorization from the French Autorité des marchés financiers, is one of the rare independant companies in Western France whose capital belongs the company founders and executives. It manages shares, bonds, derivative instruments and options, all equities used on the financial markets. Its twelve employees mainly work for customers coming from Western France and Paris agglomeration. The assets entrusted to Mca finance sum up 350 millions euros and the company how know is nation wide admitted by its peers. 

The Mca finance executive in charge of the financial instruments lately awarded is Pierre-Yves Le Goff (for the Pbl growth) while another one, Cyril Renaudin, got a similar prize last November.

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