13 April, 2014

The "Tout Angers bouge" sport event hits the trails

La popularité des trails urbains de l'opération "Tout Angers bouge" ne se dément pas. En quelques semaines, les organisateurs ont clôturé les incriptions à trois des quatre courses, le nombre maximal de participants étant atteint. La Maine et ses rives sont au coeur de l'événement de même que la possibilité d'utiliser l'espace urbain à des fins sportives. La nouvelle municipalité devra sans doute intégrer ces nouvelles visions du coeur de ville dans ses projets.

The 2014 edition of "Tout Angers bouge", planned on June 8th, is already closed. Opened on February 20th, the registrations for the Discovery trail, the Cité trail and the Roi René trail have been closed. On March 18th,  the organizers noticed that the maximum number of competitors had been reached for the second (11 km) and the third (22 km) trials : 1 100 persons. And on April 10th, no more registrations were possible for the Discover trail (8 km). For the last trail ( The Dukes trail on 43 km), "a few bibs are still available", on April 10th.

Apparently, that sport event has conquered the interest of the inhabitants and competitors from other cities. Its originality probably comes from the trails which go throughout the city as well as its historical heritage and which "put back man in the centre of the public space" invaded by cars. So the banks of Maine and their surrondings will display a very different aspect. A sports village will be set up on the Jean Turc walk where dozens of Angers sports associations will explain their activities. The speed way will be closed and people will have access to the river. The event was largely used by the former city council to promote its project regarding the Maine banks reconquest.

The new municipal team had announced in its programme that the content of the scheme and its planning will be changed. But the attendance recorded by Tout Angers bouge suggests that a new lay out of the place is considered by the Angevins as something necessary. 

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