03 April, 2014

Christophe Béchu to his supporters : "be the sentinels of our promises"

Les soutiens de la liste Angers pour vous ont été réunis par celle-ci et son leader, Christophe Béchu, le 2 avril aux Greniers Saint-Jean. Le futur maire a exhorté ses supporters à se comporter comme "les sentinelles des engagements pris pendant la campagne électorale" et annoncé qu'un "nouveau ton" serait très vite donné à l'action municipale. Le probable maire n'entend pas suivre un train de sénateur.

The leader of the Angers pour vous list, Christophe Béchu, who got the majority on the second round of municipal elections, met with his running mates about 700 supporters gathered in Les Greniers Saint-Jean on April 2nd in order to thank them. Mr. Béchu dedicated a large part of his speech to pay tribute to more than 500 persons involved in his campaign because "without them, nothing would have been possible". But the likely Angers mayor also pointed out that their part would not end with the electoral campaign. "I ask you one favour. You shared our vision. We want to deserve your confidence. If we do not fulfill our promises, you will be considered as responsible", said Christophe Béchu who urged his supporters "to be the sentinels of our promises and the guards of our behaviour" under the applauses of the audience.

A large part of his talk was in fact aimed at the future town counsillors. "There is a danger : to become big-headed", he sent them, reminding to everyone the requirement of "a flawless behaviour : we are here to help, and not to help oneself. And the ethic, I will apply it to myself" because, during the next six years, "you will be focused by the Angers people and because the hardest things are in front of us".

The speaker also disclosed that "as soon as the first days, the new majority will set the tone" of its term. An example will be given through "the building of relationships with the stakeholders of the change" : the 3 500 municipal employees, but also the economic, social and associative decision makers he will meet soon. Worried about the inconveniences of a sudden demobilisation, the Angers pour vous leader announced that, in the weeks to come, an association will be set up and managed by the last running-mates of his list who have not been elected (12 persons) in order to keep alive the connection between the majority of the city council and the voters. He promised that a first meeting between them would take place "before summer".

The former candidate also came back to the final day of the campaign. "It was a long day", reminded Christophe Béchu who "tried to understand the way of the election was going to through the eyes of the voters - and the bulletins baskets - when we visited several poll stations". After a moment of incredulity, "I felt a mix of pride, gratefulness then the weigh of the responsabilities. I said on the last meeting we had that we were more and more conscious of the expectations for a new breathe in city hall because for Angers inhabitants, decline was not  destiny". Mr. Béchu has now six years to demonstrate it.

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