02 April, 2014

The change promised by the Angers pour vous list, now on the agenda of the city council

Le leader d'Angers pour vous, Christophe Béchu, et ses co-listiers réunissent leurs supporters le 2 avril pour les remercier d'avoir contribué sur le terrain au succès "du changement". L'équipe montante ne veut apparemment pas perdre de temps dans sa prise de fonctions. Le premières mesures, symboliques des évolutions promises, concernent les finances de la ville : économies et baisses des dépenses sont à l'ordre du jour.

The break between the second round of the municipal elections and the assumption of duties by Christophe Béchu and his running-mates at the Angers city council will be interrupted by a meeting between the members of the Angers pour vous list and their supporters. "The Angevines and the Angevins made up their mind for change on Sunday. They chose a new team and a new project. That was possible because of your support, your action in the field, your presence in the committee room and in the polling stations" writes the Angers pour vous team about that meeting planned on April 2nd at Les Greniers Saint-Jean.

Meanwhile, the foresawn mayor, Christophe Béchu, has disclosed in the local media the composition of his office as well as the first appointments and the hand-over of files with Frédéric Béatse, the outgoing mayor still in charge, as well as his deputy-mayors, until the first session of the new city council. This indicates that the new mayor doesn't want to loose time and looks to be decided to tackle his duties head on what his quite reassuring.

In his platform, the former candidate committed himself to implement as soon as possible some priority actions in a wide array of issues. The finances of the city is the first. A survey should be focused on the city situation as well as the Angers Loire Métropole authority and their subsidiaries. An amending budget will be passed which will determine "the first savings and expenses decreases". The economy having been one of the top priorities of the candidate, "allocations for new companies and jobs" will also see the light of day.

Because the future city council wants to strenghen the downtown commerce, "the first hour in car parks will be no charged". The conditions of the streets having been criticized, an "emergency plan" will be drafted and the schedules of the municipal police will be widened. All the associations leaders will be gathered in order to determiner rules of behaviour between their associations and the city hall. The will to associate citizens rather than to assist them will take shape through "a chart of rights and duties to make them responsibles".

A highly political issue, the scholar rhythms, will be negociated by the new Angers decision-makers "with families, teachers, communities and staffs" (in this matter, the outgoing majority was said to have implemented those rhythms to please the government). Last but no least, the Angers pour vous members do not want to be criticized about their personal behaviour : an ethic chart will be signed by all of them stipulating that their pays will depend on "effective taking part in city council sessions" what implictely suggest it was not the case.

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