20 April, 2014

Terra Botanica takes root with a new strategy

Terra Botanica a rouvert ses portes le 19 avril. Cette 5ème saison est surtout la première d'une période de cinq ans au terme de laquelle ce parc sur le thème du végétal devra atteindre "la cîme" des 300 000 visiteurs. A travers deux nouvelles animations, les dirigeants mettent en place une nouvelle stratégie destinée à élargir l'audience de Terra Botanica qui ne veut plus être considéré comme un jardin géant mais ne veut pas non plus devenir un parc d'attractions.

Terra Botanica, the theme park dedicated to the vegetable universe located in Angers, has opened its doors on April 19th, and started its fifth season. But that one is also, and maybe above all, the first of a five year period which has to take end with the achievement of profitability. According to Jean-Pierre Chavassieux, the president of the company running the facility, itself owned by regional authorities, the attendance must reach 300 000 visitors in 2019. After 260 000 visitors in 2010, 301 000 in 2011, but 270 000 in 2012 and 240 000 last year (the break-even point is 240 000), the park is taking up with a new approach.

"We noticed that the park was to much considered as a simple garden. We probably over communicated about the vegetable dimension. But the park is much more than that. But we want it to be seen as a fun and family location. It is already reality and it will become more and more", says Mr. Chavassieux. That new approach is implemented through two innovations the Amazon (a movie in four dimensions) and the "amber rush" which gathers children and their parents and so is due to enlarge the attendance of the park. "Every year, Terra Botanica will set up new activities and new laying out".

Credit pictures : Terra Botanica
In 2014, Terra Botanica has widened its vegetable collection : a giant bonsaï, new pines, thousands of fuchsias, dahlias and amaryllis have been planted in that facility "which does not want to be anymore a garden but neither an amusement park", points out Jean-Pierre Chavassieux who bets on a positioning less vegetable, more human and more profitable (but its website is still only in French). May the amber lead the crush!

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