20 May, 2013

Artaq 2013 with the Angers "paperazzis"

After the yarn bombing, which was the topic of the Artaq 2012 edition, the festival of the current year will have as main pattern the origami, that Japanese art of paper folding. As in was the case for the previous edition, the involvment of Angers inhabitants has been looked for since January by the artist entrusted to coordinate people's creations, Mademoiselle Maurice.

  This one has encouraged many Angers inhabitants in schools, leisure centres, retirement homes, associations, from all districts to use paper as a medium for artistic creations. That participation was launched in January for folding workshops and will take end on the last day of May. "All together, we shall be able to set up a very colourful universe and to open the event to a wide range of people", points out the city website.

According the Facebook page of the Artaq 2013, more than 23 000 foldings habe been recorded. Birds, flowers, planes, butterflies, mills wil invade Angers streets from May 31 to June 2. Later, exhibitions of those works will be set up all over Angers city. May numerous articles of medias cover the papers! [Credit Pictures : Angers city]

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