19 May, 2013

"All Angers is moving" 2013 : the Maine characteristic

The 2013 edition of the event "All Angers is moving", planned by the city town hall on May 26th, will associate more closely the Maine river to the different animations. Originally organized around a few number of urban trails, the operation has increased the quantity and the diversity of the itineraries in and around Angers. For the
next edition, no less than six races will be offered to the participants ranging from 6 to 34 km. The registrations for the shorter and the longest runs would already be complete, what suggests the event has became quite popular.

The animation is clearly, and officialy, an attempt for the city council to convince Angers inhabitants about the interest of the Maine banks reconquest. For that purpose, part of the event will take place in 2013 on the Maine river itself. If the speedway along the riverbanks will be closed, what could allow the population to listen to the babbling of the water usually drown out by the noise of cars, the Maine will host introductions to rowing for beginners and people will cross the river on a barge. 

One of the unknown factors of the success, or the failure, of the next "All Angers is moving" will be... the weather. Better weather conditions are expected from May 23rd. Otherwise, one of the trials of the day, the ascent of the Saint-Maurice cathedral steps could become slippery. English people are used to make sport under such weather. Rain is good for complexion.

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