28 May, 2013

New businesses : a week against their weakness

One of the possible ways for Angers to recover from a continuous increase of unemployment since several years is to create companies. The conclusion seems obvious but the time when Angers got the arrival of important companies with dozens, sometimes hundreds, of jobs belongs to the past. So the House for the creation and the transmission of companies plans meetings dedicated to people who have a project in mind. The next edition will take place in the Saint-Aubin district until the end of the month.

Even if that district is not (yet) the most populated of the city, inhabitants and college students will get access to debates, testimonies of young managers about the ways to realize a project, the difficulties and the rewards they met, once their company was running. The initiators of that "Week of company creation" are working all over Angers : Monplaisir and La Roseraie hosted the event and after Les Hauts de Saint-Aubin, Belle-Beille will come. 

  Who are the new angevins entrepreneurs? According to the House for the creation and the transmission of companies, most of them are 37 years old, most are men and were job seekers at the time they lauched their businesse and set up their own job. For the 3/4 of the candidates, the scheme was only an idea when they take part to the meetings of that authority. Around 1 300 businesses were set up in Angers in 2011.

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