18 May, 2013

The Saint-Serge campus will be one of the Angers place most transformed by the Maine new banks project

The future students of Angers university working on the Saint-Serge campus will be among the most favoured community of the city after the redevelopment of the Maine banks. Because the law and economic sciences compus is located along the Félix Faure speedway, the students cannot take benefit of the left side of the Maine where it is impossible to rest or to stay just for
a break given the deafeing noise of the car traffic.

That could change once implemented the scheme planned for the Maine banks, the city will introduce on May 23 at the Medecine university. The meeting will allow Angers inhabitants to know what are the main lines of the project and the schedule of its achievement. But the students will have to be patient because the first transformations of the urban landscape around Saint-Serge may not intervene before 2020... Most of them will have finished their cursus at that time!

Around the Saint-Serge campus a new park called "Conf-luences" will take place. All the current activities, the Marché d'intérêt national, the railway network, the car dealer stores will be removed or tranformed. Offices and housing will be built. At this time, the city council can't predict if the historical Angers down town will be deserted by students in serach of a new district for their eve
nings festivities.

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