05 May, 2013

Angers is still looking for a better position in notoriety but forgets way to get there

A new opinion poll of the Bva institute about the interest of inhabitants for the Pays de la Loire region they are living in notices a high degree of attachment. About 93% of the interviewees are happy to live in that part of the French territory. That survey quickly triggered several developments in local medias about the fame of Angers city in the region and outside. The reading of the comments dedicated to that issue leads to the conclusion that Angers is a place where it is nice to live but which stays few known abroad, by even in France.

So the medias have questionned Angers people about the ways to increase the fame of their city. Many persons believe an event, like a music concert where international stars would sing with local celebrities would be able to do so. Others think the rise of Angers Sco the first league of soccer would give Angers the fame the city is eager to look for, but don't comment what would be for the city the consequences of a descent...

Some observers recalls the brand Angers Loire Valley was launched about two years ago and has only prompted a quaking in the notoriety of the city. But the efforts to reach more results will have to be stubborn and will have to display Angers as a city different from others. So the accentuation of its English lineage would be a way.

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