24 May, 2013

"La Tribune d'Angers" stops its publication

Few by few, its red banner headline had became familiar to many Angevins who read local news paper. Its size and pagination attracted the eyes of a lot of people at the entrance of stores, cinemas or restaurants. Few by few it had became part of the visual landscape of the city. Its title had itself a touch of protest : the word "Tribune" is often associated to somebody who claims and who is not afraid of the consequences.

The facts and trends reported by "La Tribune d'Angers" were a faithfull reflect of the local life with a mix of news borrowing partly to the coverage of a daily newspaper and partly to a weekly one. The Angers down town hustle and bustle as well as the green environment of the town surroundings were under the monitoring of the editors who, beyond doubt, had dedicated huge efforts to keep the Tribune alive and well.

But after three years, the economic situation became probably to difficult to be overcame only by good will. The cessation of "La Tribune d'Angers" is not only a bad symbol of the current period but also a visible end of a little candle, because without it, life is a little bit sad. Angerscity didn't need that.

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