22 May, 2013

Angers students : english anguish

Doubt and apprehension look to prevail in the under-standing Angers students may have regarding a draft bill which will introduce classes dispensed in english in their university. It is not clear when the draft bill will be implemented given the members of parliament have started to debate about that topic on May 22th. According to four Angers students in economics, a problem may surge because of the insufficient level in english of most of the students of Angers university.

"We didn't have the necessary knowledge in english when we in the secondary level", complains Sophie, "So we are afraid of that disadvantage". The three other students met in the Saint-Serge campus share that opinion and deplore "the boring lessons we got in college or lycee. In fact english should be taught more intensely and above all, well ahead before higher education". 

In fact, notices Yves, "The interest for the French university to grab foreign students has may be eclipsed another aspect : the way foreign languages are taught in France compared to other countries where students have a better level. Some of us could not learn the classes and that could trigger a demotivation". But the learning in english in the years to come is not (yet) a top of mind concern for the Angers students apparently more worried by their next final exams.

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