23 May, 2013

The Maine new banks project in the traffic jams

Apparently, the use of cars has not yet left the mind of Angers inhabitants who want to go to the city down town. After the display of the main principles of "New banks", the project dedicated to a redevelopment of the city around its river, the people gathered in the Medecine University on May 23rd were mainly worried by the limitations brought, few by few, to the car traffic, even if the scheme gets the interest and probably the agreement of the audience.

If the redevelopment of the Maine banks will be set up step by step, it will be necessary, soon or later, to bury the current underpass approach and to replace it by a simple double way at the bottom of the Angers castle. But will that way be sufficient to deal with 25 000 vehicles per day? Will the buses and the (2nd line) of the tramway be suited to the demand?  To all these questions, the architects, and the mayor, answered the decrease of the car traffic will also depend on a change of behaviour from Angers inhabitants. But it's clear the efforts to discourage people to use their car will continue.

One of the first change will be visible in the Saint-Serge industrial zone which should become a new district of the city where students should live, study and ... have fun. Another part of the city, the surroundings of the castle will be transformed in order to give him a more important part in the liveliness and attractiveness of the city. After an agreement between the city and the ministry, the inhabitants should get the access to the momument for free. That will be really a revolution.

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