08 May, 2013

An increase of transportation prices planned for July

On July 1st, the prices of the public transportation network of Angers will increase by 1.25%. That change, decided by the board of Angers Loire Métropole on May 7th, is an average because the increase is in fact 1.87%, just the inflation rate in 2012. The price of the one way ticket, 1.40 €, will not change, probably because it is already expensive for persons travelling occasionally by bus inside Angers.

That decision looks more to be a consequence of the general increase of cost of living than a new try to limit the number of cars travelling throughout Angers, a goal Angers city council wants to achieve in the years to come. The parking lot prices have dramaticcaly increase last year. Recently the city council annouced he wanted to decrease the number of parkings in town. The speed limit is applied in most the districts of Angers.

Because Angers needs a linving down town, itself as a kind of "front side" of the local economy, an important increase would have irritated the Angers store owners. And, less that a year before the municipal elections (in which the outgoing mayor, Frédéric Béatse, is uncertain to win), an important increase of transportation prices would have been damaging. So "slow down" please...

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