01 May, 2013


Of course, the weather of that May 1st was gloomy. Cold and rain were all-present under a dark grey sky. Even if the economic situation was a good reason, for hundreds of Angers employees to demonstrate, they were not more than 500 gathered for the usual walk throughout down town streets. But who was interested to see that?

On that May 1st, all Angers stores were closed, buses and tramway were in their garage and public facilities (swimming pools, adminis-trations) or monuments (castle and museums) had their iron curtain dropped. What could be done in down town that day? In Angers on May 1st, the symbolic no working day fed the economic and moral depression in which many inhabitants are sinking.

All the places open to public, Angers fair (in the public exhibitions park rent by Angers city to private businesses) or cinemas were working. How long these dogmatic symbols will obstruct reflections of Angevins and their representatives about the ways able to boost local economic activity without waiting a hypothetical, and external, recovery?

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