15 May, 2013

Angers rivalries on the placards

The Angers store owners may get in the months to come an additionnal and important support with the opening, planned in 2015, of a new commercial gallery along the Foch boulevard at the ground floor of the future headquarter of the Conseil général. The owner of these stores will be this authority even if it will not, directly, run the stores. But the renting of those surfaces will depend on their turnover, so on the number of their customers. 

During the last two years, the Angers store owners said they were harassed by the works on the first tramway line, then, plagued by the increase of car park fares, then victims of the prohibition to open on Sundays before End of Year holidays. So, the new stores along Foch boulevard may suffer such difficulties. Banners like "closure" or "to rent" will not give a favourable feeling to the Angers pedestrians or to the tourists.

Credit Pictures : Conseil général de Maine-et-Loire
It is not said if Christophe Béchu, the president of the Conseil général, will apply for membership of the store owners' association very buoyant during the last months. Some Angers stores front sides, located near the future Conseil général building, are now used by their owners to protest against the Angers city council policy. That could be used as placards by Mr Béchu...

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