05 March, 2013

Pasteur Avenue murder : more questions remain after the accused tried to set fire to his prison cell

The man accused of the murder of a woman a month ago tried to set fire to the  cell in which he not imprisoned. Samir Adam Hassan, 20 years old Sudanese who is charge to have cut Nicole Chatelain's throat in front of her home on Pasteur boulevard, was found burnt on the ablazed mattress on which he was sat. The man has been conveyed to the Angers hospital.

The reasons of his act are unknown as well as the motive of his murder and his attacks with arms against three policemen, and among them, a woman. It was said that the man was living in Angers for several years but had no jobs and was in charge of the Promo-Jeunes association where Nicole Chatelain was educator. 
If the questions about the behaviour of that man are, at that time, unanswered, the questions about his presence in Angers remains without explanations. In the meantime, three young African, whom it is said they are minor, have been hosted on an emergency way, two in a temporary housing and the third in an hotel without any support. A support which could nevertheless be useful to avoid the drama of Nicole Chatelain.

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