24 March, 2013

The Angers open air market, a tempting place for customers... and thieves

The open air market on Leclerc square is one of the events giving rythm to Angers city. Every Saturday morning, it annouces the weekly breathe the inhabitants love. What ever be the season, the place is always crowdy and if, by chances, there is no open air market on Saturday (it was the case a few weeks ago because of the icy cold), customers and even simple passers by are disappointed : something is lacking and their weekend is unbalanced. 

But, that attractive place and moment is not free from danger. And the least is not the theft and the public is not always watchful to the risk. Recently, an inhabitant who love to walk around the fish stalls has had its wallet stolen after he just had used his credit card. Dishonest watchers looked closely the secret code that customers used to pay his purchases, then slightly push him on the walkway before to steal him his wallet and to take money at the closest cash dispenser. On the following week, an old lady had its basket stolen with all her documents, money and shoppings...

It is not said if the open air market is monitored by police or town hall departments. But it could be useful to do so. That popular moment has to be protected.

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