04 March, 2013

The Angers store owners want a municipal policy with "services included"

If the Angers city has not yet galvanised the retail trade business in down town, it has nevertheless succeeded to galvanise the retail store owners! These, infuriated by the increase of car park fares, worried (for a while) by the project of pavement tax, weakened by the opening of the commercial park Atoll (after the works of the tramway line), recently made angry because of the prohibition to open on Sundays before Christmas and End of the Year day (then by the ban of cooking crepes on the pavements), have elected the man who held the "megaphone" since a year. 

Fabien Rebours, now the president of the professionnal organization of the retail stores owners of Maine et Loire, is the most critical adversary of Jacques Motteau, Angers deputy mayor in charge of commerce. His election should not temper his enthusiasm for a lively Angers down town. The Groupement d'entente du commerce de détail, until now a discreet and old association of retail store owners, has unanimously elected on February 28th Mr Rebours as president after a crowdy meeting, signal of its members are fed up with a municipal policy they say it doesn't take care of their business, their employees and their customers.

If the industrial sector has declined during the last twenty years in Angers, its is not the case of the trade sector, indication of the expansion of the service sector, in the city and over France. The new managers of the Gec have already claimed what will be the issues they want to talk about with Mr Motteau : a car park municipal policy viable for their employees and their customers, the stimulation and the promotion of the neighbourhood stores and the opening of stores on Sundays before Christmas. And, at the top of if, just one year before the 2014 municipal elections!

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