07 March, 2013

Steal job

It was a crazy act. The man who commited it was probably mad. To attack a Pôle-Emploi agency with an aerosol spray for toilets is more inept than dangerous. Even if the man had nevertheless planned everything to make believe that it was about to commit an hold-up! Alas (for him) in spite of his mask, he did't impress anybody because, last but no least, there is no a single euro to steal in the unemployment authority...

The only valuable goal of such an action was to steal... a job. So much people in Angers and in France would be ready to carry out crazy things to get a job : some even publish their picture on a whole page of newspapers. Coincidence, the same day Angers medias reported the attack of the Angers Pôle Emploi agency, they debriefed they readers about the soaring of jobless people. With a 10% level, the unemployment reaches its worst level in France history. And Angers could be, according to the latest statistics, on the same trend.

So it's not amazing an Angers Pôle Emploi agency be attacked for a job. What person, sensible, without a single answer to hundreds of candidacies could be ready to do in order to get a job? If truth be told, was the robber of Pôle Emploi so crazy? All that joblessness doesn't smell good...

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