06 March, 2013

Angers political leaders could meditate over sports facilities projects

A year before the 2014 municipal ballots, the field of public facilities becomes a ground for fights for the minority of Angers town council. Sometimes, the attacks come directly from its leader, Christophe Béchu, regarding the project of a new congress centre. Sometimes indirectly, through a current member of the minority side, and lately, Gilles Groussard, regarding the new Biowatt power plant. 

But there is a project the minority suggested in the past which could not resurface soon : a new stadium for the soccer club Angers Sco. Le Mans, a neighbouring city of Angers, is painfully, facing a difficulty coming from its decision to get a new stadium for its soccer team. After the club declined from the first to the second division, its financial revenues sharply decreased. 

But the cost of its new stadium, property of the Vinci group, didn't decreased. Event after the rent was divided by 50% from € 12 million to € 600 000 per year, by Vinci, nevertheless, Le Mans FC is currently unable to pay the wages of the players... So, the Angers inhabitants should be cautious to the project of a new stadium for the Sco. Because, in sports, chance is an important part of the game. The promoters of such a foolish idea should be warned by a red card.

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