29 March, 2013

The Gec ask to Angers town hall to reconsider the cost of car park for the stores employees

In a video sent recently to Angers Daily News after the post "The Angers stores owners urge town hal tothe dialog", Mr Rebours explains its opinion regarding the relationship between Angers and the city council. "We are looking for listening and respect", he says pointing out that the Angers city council has increased the parking lots fares while the Gec members can't increases their selling prices. According to Mr Rebours that soaring of prices has a deep impact on the stores employees who can't pay so important fares : one hour per working day would finance the parking of their cars.

The news dedicated by that blog about the Angers city budget has also triggered a comment from the president of the Groupement d'entente du commerce de Maine et Loire, Fabien Rebours. In his letter, Mr. Rebours notices that "the most important investments of the town are not in charge of Angers city, but of Angers Loire Métropole, of which Jean-Claude Antonini, former Angers mayor, is president". 
The reader recalls that "the trolley (€ 340 millions) is the most perfect example of that transfer of expenses what makes possible for the city to balance its budget". According to Mr Rebours, the low debt of Angers (€ 19,5 millions) hides the debt of Angers Loire Métropole (€ 382 millions). But, on the reverse, Angers finances a lot of facilities, like the future Aqua Vita swimming pool that will be available for people living outside of Angers.

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